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The ‘Lodge’ has been ordered..

The ‘Healing Lodge’ has been ordered, is in production and has an ETA of early October 2017! A beautiful 3.5m x 3.0m (Certified ethically sourced) Cedar built wooden lodge with a double pitched roof, gable-end to the front, fully insulated, sound-proofed and heated.  I’ve already started hand-crafting from fallen tree debris a variety of small […]

The Healing Lodge is underway..

Next week a designated space in my back garden gets ‘surveyed’ and measured up pending the installation of a professionally soundproofed garden room made from Cedar, which will be used for all client work.  I went to Sheffield on Saturday and viewed a previously built room currently used as a music recording studio and office. […]

Calling the search off

After many years of searching for the key, The Healing Door was always open. Thank-you to all my Relations for waiting for me and the warm welcome I received. As the late David Bowie once sang “I’m an absolute beginner’.  There’s something pure and gentle about being ‘a beginner’ (and remaining one).  It means mistakes […]