Calling the search off

Calling the search off

After many years of searching for the key, The Healing Door was always open.

Thank-you to all my Relations for waiting for me and the warm welcome I received.

As the late David Bowie once sang “I’m an absolute beginner’.  There’s something pure and gentle about being ‘a beginner’ (and remaining one).  It means mistakes are OK, I don’t have to be perfect, I can chose to take or leave what I want, I can be discerning, I can be playful, I can be sad, I can be angry or happy.  I don’t need to judge myself because every moment is a new, undiscovered experience and as such has no comparison.  Like a child taking its first steps.  I’m self-empowered and can choose how I wish to engage with life and all my Relations in each and every moment.


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