The ‘Lodge’ has been ordered..

The ‘Healing Lodge’ has been ordered, is in production and has an ETA of early October 2017!

A beautiful 3.5m x 3.0m (Certified ethically sourced) Cedar built wooden lodge with a double pitched roof, gable-end to the front, fully insulated, sound-proofed and heated.  I’ve already started hand-crafting from fallen tree debris a variety of small ‘ornaments’ to furnish the lodge.  In addition, through my sponsorship of Survival International ( I’ve ordered a (2nd – I have one in my house) hand-made wool rug made and supplied by an indigenous tribal family living within the Guatemalan forest. All profits go directly to the family. My intention is to create a discreet, safe, therapeutic and healing space for clients to access the therapies and support they need.

My new Reiki treatment bed (already receiving some great feedback from current clients regarding its comfort) will have its own space in there in addition to comfy counselling chairs and play & art therapy materials for all ages.


The Healing Lodge is underway..

Next week a designated space in my back garden gets ‘surveyed’ and measured up pending the installation of a professionally soundproofed garden room made from Cedar, which will be used for all client work.  I went to Sheffield on Saturday and viewed a previously built room currently used as a music recording studio and office.  It’s great and I believe a really important investment.  This won’t just be a garden shed, its design and construction is to the highest industry standards. Once built (ETA October 2017) Clients who come to the Healing Lodge will be able to relax in the knowledge that not only is it very discreet, comfortable and healing, its also tested and guaranteed ‘soundproof’ meaning conversations cannot be overhead, drumming therapy free to express itself and Reiki healing can be channeled in a calm and quiet space as the lodge also suppresses external noise from penetrating into the healing space.  Having accessed counselling and complimentary therapies over the years, within a mixture of settings with varying degrees of comfort, success and a sense of safety; I’m passionate about creating a healing space that respects the needs of the client and the healing energies being used.

Calling the search off

After many years of searching for the key, The Healing Door was always open.

Thank-you to all my Relations for waiting for me and the warm welcome I received.

As the late David Bowie once sang “I’m an absolute beginner’.  There’s something pure and gentle about being ‘a beginner’ (and remaining one).  It means mistakes are OK, I don’t have to be perfect, I can chose to take or leave what I want, I can be discerning, I can be playful, I can be sad, I can be angry or happy.  I don’t need to judge myself because every moment is a new, undiscovered experience and as such has no comparison.  Like a child taking its first steps.  I’m self-empowered and can choose how I wish to engage with life and all my Relations in each and every moment.


Who are you?

As biosocial mammals we often get our experiences of self (i.e. significance, self-worth) out of our relatedness with others.  As society lays greater emphasis on being ‘socially’ accepted our primal fear and anxiety of not being accepted, losing our way, becoming isolated (from the crowd/tribe) and being alone can often increase. This fear and anxiety of being alone can lead people into behaviour that means they can lose their authentic self of just ‘being’; in pursuit of functioning or enduring as a socially acceptable ‘form of self’ to ‘fit in’.

With more and more value or ‘currency’ being associated with the way our bodies ‘look’ the grip of ego can often become vice like and in charge of our thoughts, emotions and behaviour.   We may start to judge and value our actions (and others) not on the actions themselves but how others may accept or dismiss them.  We ultimately become ‘puppets’ suspended by strings controlled by others, performing a dance choreographed to hopefully satisfy and be accepted by society.  Could it be said that we live in a world that has become a dysfunctional personality cult?

Question. If you cut the strings and saw yourself as more than a suspended puppet; what would you be doing differently? Who are you?

I am enough

I am enough, because I am enough.
Let the heaviness of worry, conflict and self-conscious ease.
Create space to let the river of my life flow.
Share this space but separately, independently and autonomously.
Free from duty, approval, judgment and disapproval.
Give permission to just being me so I don’t deny the universe the purity of my heart and soul.
Allow my mind, body, spirit and soul to soften and melt into everything that is beneath me, above me, around me and within me.
For I just am and that is enough.

Jason Middleton
April 2014