Who are you?

Who are you?

As biosocial mammals we often get our experiences of self (i.e. significance, self-worth) out of our relatedness with others.  As society lays greater emphasis on being ‘socially’ accepted our primal fear and anxiety of not being accepted, losing our way, becoming isolated (from the crowd/tribe) and being alone can often increase. This fear and anxiety of being alone can lead people into behaviour that means they can lose their authentic self of just ‘being’; in pursuit of functioning or enduring as a socially acceptable ‘form of self’ to ‘fit in’.

With more and more value or ‘currency’ being associated with the way our bodies ‘look’ the grip of ego can often become vice like and in charge of our thoughts, emotions and behaviour.   We may start to judge and value our actions (and others) not on the actions themselves but how others may accept or dismiss them.  We ultimately become ‘puppets’ suspended by strings controlled by others, performing a dance choreographed to hopefully satisfy and be accepted by society.  Could it be said that we live in a world that has become a dysfunctional personality cult?

Question. If you cut the strings and saw yourself as more than a suspended puppet; what would you be doing differently? Who are you?

I am enough

I am enough, because I am enough.
Let the heaviness of worry, conflict and self-conscious ease.
Create space to let the river of my life flow.
Share this space but separately, independently and autonomously.
Free from duty, approval, judgment and disapproval.
Give permission to just being me so I don’t deny the universe the purity of my heart and soul.
Allow my mind, body, spirit and soul to soften and melt into everything that is beneath me, above me, around me and within me.
For I just am and that is enough.

Jason Middleton
April 2014

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